Tyrrhenian Tuna Fillets in DOP Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Ermmà - Canned Fish

Tyrrhenian Tuna Fillets in DOP Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Tirreno white albacore tuna fillets in extra virgin olive oil DOP Cilento "Drops of Principle" 100% made in Italy.

The product represents an excellence of the territory certified 100% Made in Italy.

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Tyrrhenian Tuna Fillets in DOP extra virgin olive oil

ERMMA 'Alalunga del Tirreno tuna travels in a first-class jar, strictly made of glass.

Spectacular white tuna fillets from the Tyrrhenian Sea immersed in the award-winning and Gold Medal drops of Principio, Extra Virgin Olive DOP Cilento ERMMA '.

- Beware of promising fish, from too many pleasant ones to listen to, from those who praise you, from those who want to lead you to new paths, easier, more pronounced or more flattering. -

Wise words that ERMMA 'makes its own, following a safe road that is more tortuous than others, but certainly genuine and of quality, respectful of the consumer and the producer himself.

The EVO oil drops of ERMMA 'Principle is multi-awarded: finalist Ercole Olivario 2016, great mention at the Orciolo d'oro 2016 award and gold medal at the D-IOOC 2016 

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ERMMA 'is a small family business, with a limited and niche production, for this very reason of high quality.

The products of the ERMMA 'estate are 100% made in Italy, and come 100% from our land in the Cilento National Park.

The company dates back to 1939, when Nonno Aniello bought the land called Principio, located in Mandia di Ascea, a hilly area of ​​the ancient and philosophical Elea (Ascea-Cilento).

Over the years the land has passed to his sons and Mauro, one of them, has developed and increased above all the olive grove and the vineyard.

Today, thanks to the work and dedication of Nonno Mauro and Nonna Ersilia, the children, while exercising other professions, are happy and proud to carry on and improve what their parents have with love and passion transmitted to them. The future will see in the grandchildren, already active today, the passing of the baton. Over the years, between refinement of techniques and innovations, what has certainly remained unchanged is the uncontaminated territory and the ability to create 100% genuine products.

Always supporters of the Mediterranean diet, inscribed by UNESCO in 2010 in the intangible cultural heritage of humanity, we are always proud of our precious cultural and culinary roots.

Our land, located in an unspoiled and peaceful oasis, in the heart of the Cilento National Park.

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