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Pilsner Bruno Ribadi with Ancient Sicilian Grains

Bruno Ribadi Brewery's Pilsner is a Sicilian-style pale beer brewed with ancient Sicilian grains, timilia, russello and perciasacchi.

The product represents an excellence of the territory certified 100% Made in Italy.

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Light and thirst-quenching.

Produced with ancient Sicilian grains, "Timilia", "Russello" and "Perciasacchi".

A light beer for the whole meal, with a cereal aftertaste characterised by the ancient Sicilian grains.

Excellent with typical Sicilian dishes reminiscent of the traditional Sicilian peasant cuisine of the past such as pasta with terenerumi, macaroni with sauce and aubergines, but also with fish dishes.


Water, barley malt, wheat flakes, "Tumminia" wheat, "Perciasacchi" wheat, "Russello" wheat, hops, sugar, yeast.

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Bruno's Story

Bruno Ribadi was born in Cinisi, a brilliant boy with a great curiosity for everything that surrounds him.

After the tragic death of his parents, he is welcomed into the Benedictine abbey, where a Belgian monk, during one of his lessons, notices Bruno and his innate talent for chemistry. The boy has never studied, but he proves to be so capable and smart that he is chosen as his assistant in the production of beer.

The discovery of the fermentation processes of cereals and brewing fascinate Bruno who, having reached the age of majority, decides to leave the abbey to discover the secrets of the best beers.

Bruno's Travels

In Prague, posing as a reporter for a well-known periodical, he interviews famous master brewers with the aim of discovering as many secrets as possible. During one of these interviews he meets the famous Hubertek Morszynsky, who offers him to join him in his laboratory experiments in India, where he will learn the secrets of spices and meditation.

Having lost interest in the ascetic life, he meets a group of English musicians and decides to follow them to London, where he continues to experiment with new processes in a small brewery while earning a living as a bus driver.

One day, while he is driving, he recognizes among the passengers the Belgian monk of Cinisi, who is in London for a short vacation. Bruno tells the story of his travels and the details of his experiments, which intrigue the monk so much that he decides to invite him to Belgium to tell about his discoveries. In the abbey, his very long speech - held in a language in which there are words from all over Europe - met with great success and he was proclaimed master brewer.

After leaving Belgium he returns to Sicily where he would like to open his brewery, but Bruno is a free explorer and the desire to travel is too strong to stay there for long and he decides to leave.

Since then there has been no more news of him, only a diary remains with the story of his travels, discoveries and experiments in the laboratories of the greatest master brewers. 

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