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Falanghina Irpinia DOC 750ml - Cantina Riccio - Wines
Falanghina Irpinia DOC 750ml - Cantina Riccio - Wines

Falanghina Irpinia DOC 750ml

This wine presents itself with a straw-yellow color, complemented by greenish reflections, and offers an intense floral aroma accompanied by hints of exotic fruit, citrus, and pear. Sensations of acidity and salinity gradually develop, imparting a pleasant and balanced complexity to the taste.

Grape and Vineyard: This wine is crafted from Falanghina grapes sourced from proprietary vineyards in Irpinia. The harvest timing is determined by the values of maturation parameters, particularly focusing on acidity, pH, sugar content, and the overall health of the grape clusters.

Winemaking: The winemaking process involves gently pressing the grapes using a vacuum pneumatic press, with the use of inert gas to minimize air-grape contact during pressing. The obtained must is then decanted for 24-48 hours and transferred to stainless steel tanks, where fermentation begins at a controlled temperature of 15-17°C, with the addition of selected indigenous yeasts. The resulting wine is left in contact with its own lees for a variable maturation period (sur lie).

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Technical Data:

Blend: 100% Falanghina

Production Area: Irpinia (Avellino)

Vineyard Altitude: 400 meters above sea level

Soil Type: Tuffaceous clay-loam, rich in mineral element

Training System: Simple Guyot

Vine Density: 4000 vines per hectare

Yield per Hectare: 85 quintals

Grape ToWine Yield: 70%

Harvest Period: First decade of October

Vinification: White

Alcoholic Fermentation: In stainless steel at a temperature of 15/17°C

Malolactic Fermentation: Not performed

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Our history

At a little less than 700 meters high and immersed in the green of the rich hilly tradition of the territory, the Riccio Winery is located in one of the most characteristic villages of the Irpinia soil, Chiusano di San Domenico, where the charm of ancient places fits into the ferment of vegetation and a landscape of extraordinary vitality. The presence of strong slopes makes it perfectly suited to the cultivation of the vine and the abundant supply of waterways, accompanied by a particularly favorable wind effect, give the wines produced in the area excellent quality characteristics.

The environment and philosophy

In such a context, thanks to the careful and personal care of Giuseppe De Marco, it was possible to combine the use of the most advanced viticultural cultivation and production techniques with the skilful work of expert hands and passionate men. The fruit of the vine, offered by a favorable and generous land, is thus ennobled in a product of the highest quality (the "Janus wines") that is aimed at the most refined palates and the most demanding tastes. 

Cantina Riccio: Rooted in the Tradition of Chiusano di San Domenico

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A Tale of Passion, Quality, and Viticultural Excellence at 700 Meters Above Sea Level

The History

At just under 700 meters above sea level and nestled in the lush, hillside-rich tradition of the region, Cantina Riccio is situated in one of the most characteristic towns of Irpinia, Chiusano di San Domenico. Here, the charm of ancient places blends seamlessly with the vitality of the landscape and its lush vegetation. The steep slopes are ideally suited for grape cultivation, and the abundant watercourses, coupled with particularly favorable wind patterns, bestow excellent quality characteristics upon the wines produced in the area.

"Life is too short not to drink good wine."

In a similar setting, thanks to the careful dedication of Giuseppe and his son Luigi, they have managed to combine the use of the most advanced techniques in viticulture and wine production with the skill of expert hands and passionate hearts. The fruit of the vine, gifted by a generous and favorable land, has thus been transformed into a product of extraordinary quality, designed to satisfy the most refined palates and the most discerning wine enthusiasts.

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