Made in Italy produced in the property confiscated from the Camorra in Herculaneum

On the slopes of Vesuvius, in Herculaneum, there is the property confiscated from the Camorra managed by the Giancarlo Siani Cooperative. In that place, used in the past for illicit purposes, a group of young people with a strong sense of legality, cultivate excellent products such as the piennolo tomato, all branded Made in Italy.

A land that is a symbol of illegality and the Camorra, thanks to the passion of many young people, it becomes a symbol of the territory's rebirth. Among the excellences cultivated, the 'Pizzino vesuviano, the healthy lace' stands out, a tomato that comes from commitment, passion and spirit of legality, available in red or yellow, whole and in packets.

In addition to the cultivation of excellent "local" made in Italy products, hives have been installed for the production of wildflower honey, produced on the slopes of Vesuvius, in full respect of the ecosystem and the balance of the area, which is an element of great enrichment. The agricultural and beekeeping sector is cared for by professionals from the Faculty of Agriculture of the Federico II University of Naples, the latter guarantor, with the stipulation of an agreement, of the quality of the processes and products, in full compliance with the 'Slow Food ', an agriculture in balance with the environment.

The Giancarlo Siani Cooperative operates in two offices, a property and an agricultural fund both confiscated from the Camorra and named in memory of Giancarlo Siani, the only Campania journalist killed at the hands of a criminal.

For years it has also been a cooperative adhering to the Libera network, associations, names and numbers, against the mafias. The proceeds from the sale of our products will be totally devolved to support the cooperative's activities.

All that remains is to wish the Giancarlo Siani Cooperative a good job and taste the Made in Italy products of excellence grown in the confiscated property.

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