Cantina Riccio's Janus wines are among the Italian excellences in winemaking

Immersed in the green hills of Irpinia at almost 700 meters above sea level, in a generous and flourishing nature characterized by valleys, hills and luxuriant waterways, there is the Riccio Winery which continues the millenary tradition with "I vini di Janus" in Made in Italy winemaking.

Giuseppe De Marco, owner of the winery, has chosen to resume the ancient family tradition of vine cultivation in Irpinia, obtaining exceptional products entirely Made in Italy. The location, Chiusano, is perfectly suited to the cultivation of the vine and the abundant supply of waterways, accompanied by a particularly favorable wind game, confer excellent quality characteristics to the wines produced in the area, ennobling the fruit of the vine. a product of the highest quality, the "Janus wines", which caters to the most refined palates and the most demanding tastes.

It has been chosen to report on the label the writing "I vini di Janus", to remember the origin of the name of the locality Chiusano, where there are the cultivation of vines, which derives from a temple dedicated to Janus, god of the beginnings - also of war - which in times of peace was clausus, ie closed.

Among the excellent products of the “Cantina Riccio” we find an elegant “Fiano”, with an intense aroma with floral and fruity notes of yellow fruits, pear and hazelnut; the “Greco di Tufo”, with a vigorous and citrus-flavored flavor; the “Falanghina” with a balanced and extremely pleasant taste, obtained from grapes from selected vineyards in the Benevento area.

And again the “Taurasi”, of an intense ruby ​​color with garnet reflections, which presents spicy tones of pepper and nutmeg and elegant balsamic nuances; the classic “Aglianico”, with the pleasant notes of ripe red fruits, in a structure suitable for a long conservation. Finally, the “Campore” Extra Dry Sparkling Wine, fruity, complex and elegant, ideal to combine with cured meats, shellfish and seafood.

The wines produced by Cantina Riccio have already participated in many wine competitions where they immediately distinguished themselves with the special mention in the 2016 Italy Quality Award and the certificate of excellence at ViniBuoni d'Italia in collaboration with the Italian Touring Club.

All that remains is to taste them.

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Cantina Riccio's Aglianico Irpinia DOCG wine has an intense ruby color with violet reflections. The product represents an excellence of the territory certified 100% Made in Italy.
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