A pecorino produced by the Malvizza sheep, an endangered breed

One of the products is produced in the pastures of the Bagnolese area.

Southern Italy, the Pecorino Bagnolese. This product, Made in Italy, is the result of a careful breeding of the Bagnolese or Malvizza sheep, species in danger of extinction.

This particular type of sheep is large in size with a mottled white coat, it is fed only with natural pastures from the point of view of biodiversity, being an ecotype to be protected.

The "casu'r pecora" or Pecorino Bagnolese is obtained from the excellent milk of the Bagnolese sheep.

With a straw yellow color, Pecorino Bagnolese is a hard and fat cheese with a strong and spicy flavor.

Its production is linked to traditional pastoral techniques; during processing the lamb rennet is added, after which the curd is left to rest in the "fuscelle", so that it can assume the typical round shape.

The purpose of the production of this cheese is to protect the Bagnolese Sheep and to pass on the traditional manual processing.

The Bagnoli Irpino area is a sunny location with a mild climate, which tolerates cold winters. It is a renowned tourist destination thanks to the areas equipped for both relaxation and entertainment, especially for sports enthusiasts.

Thanks to its large tourist turnout, it manages to offer and export its products of excellence. 

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