Jam: the origins of the sweetest excellence

From the most popular sweetener to the most popular delicacy. The origins of the jam.

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In Ascea, in the Cilento National Park, Ermmà products are born

The products of the Ermmà farm are born in Ascea, in Campania, in the heart of the Cilento National Park Made in Italy. It is precisely in this territory, where nature often appears uncontaminated in its splendor, with a breathtaking view of the Tyrrhenian Sea, that Ermmà products grown by the Sansone family are born.

Cantina Riccio's Janus wines are among the Italian excellences in winemaking

Immersed in the green hills of Irpinia at almost 700 meters above sea level, in a generous and flourishing nature characterized by valleys, hills and luxuriant waterways, there is the Riccio Winery which continues the millenary tradition with "I vini di Janus" in Made in Italy winemaking.

Made in Italy produced in the property confiscated from the Camorra in Herculaneum

On the slopes of Vesuvius, in Herculaneum, there is the property confiscated from the Camorra managed by the Giancarlo Siani Cooperative. In that place, a group of young people with a strong sense of legality cultivate excellent products such as the Piennolo tomato, all made in Italy.

Between myth and history the excellent product of Vesuvius was born, Lacryma Christi

Between the hills of Vesuvius and the deep waters of the Gulf of Naples, the vines are planted from which one of the most famous Campania wine excellences originated, Lacryma Christi.

A pecorino produced by the Malvizza sheep, an endangered breed

In the pastures of the Bagnolese area, one of the southern products of excellence is produced, Pecorino Bagnolese. This product, Made in Italy, is the result of a careful breeding of the Bagnolese or Malvizza sheep, species in danger of extinction.

The Taurasi: history of an ancient excellence

Taurasi DOCG (controlled and guaranteed designation of origin) is one of the pillars of the Made in Italy heritage of food and wine excellence, which proudly represents the winemaking tradition of Southern Italy.

The honey, a millenary product with food and medical properties

Honey is an artisanal product used all over the world, it lives in many legends and fascinating stories, it is often seen as the protagonist of particular recipes that combine it with herbal teas, cheeses and desserts. It is often used as a "grandmother's remedy".

The life of aphrodisiac excellence, coffee: between myth and history

From virile plant to devil's drink, from bitter beans to the cuccuma: the long life of coffee.

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